Ahtti Korean Munchies

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Chefs Jung & Kim

Fast, fresh, and healthy Korean fusion food.

We serve the most savory Korean BBQ with fresh pickled vegetables and the most authentic sauces.

Enjoy our Korean BBQ Beef, Korean BBQ Skewers, Korean BBQ Hamburgers, Chicken and Pork Rice Bowls, Korean Tacos, Kimchi Fried Rice, Korean-style French Fries, and Korean Dumplings.

Visit Ahtti Korean Munchies at the Bountiful City Market, Downtown SLC Farmer’s Market, Sugarhouse Farmer’s Market and the Wheeler Farm Farmer’s Market.

Keep an eye out for Ahtti's new food trailer serving locations around the Salt Lake Valley. Ahtti's food trailer is available for special events and catering.

Call Spice to Order: (385) 229-4703