Padkos South African Cuisine

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Chef Gideon

Chef Gideon brings the tastes of South Africa to Northern Utah. 

Gideon’s love for food started at the age of 5, when he used to accompany his grandmother to the Meals on Wheels Kitchen where she cooked food for 200 people every day for over 30 years. He had a special bond with her and that bond made him fall in love with the industry. Cooking has since became more intense and turned into a passion.

At 12 Gideon worked at a friend’s family butchery. “I had one task and one task only, to stuff sausage, miles and miles of sausage.” He worked there for 4 years and then moved to the catering industry where his family had a small catering business they ran from their home.

Gideon spent the last 22 years both in front of the house as a server selling the food and back of the house cooking and baking.

Gideon is bringing his passion in the form of traditional South African cuisine to Utah to share the rich flavors and tastes with everybody that never had an opportunity to visit the rainbow nation, South Africa.

“The feeling of being around food, whether selling or making it, is something that I cannot live without. My need to feed people is both a blessing and a curse, my family and friends can attest to that.”

Padkos is a Utah-based catering service, specializing in authentic South African cuisine. Our catering services are flexible with an extensive menu.

Padkos also offers a weekly online ordering service in the Park City area in which meals are individually packed and delivered to your doorstep. Padkos2Go includes hand-picked menu options giving the modern foodie a chance to try new flavors in their own home. Visit the Padkos website for the current Padkos2Go delivery menu items.

Chef Gideon's featured dishes include: Beef Bobotie, Lentil Bobotie, Boerwors Roll, Braai Bord, Braaibroodjie, Jaffels, Lamb & Vegetarian Potjie kos (Stew), Grilled Chicken Breast, Vegetarian Stir Fry, Farmers Sausage, Paptert, Beef Lasagne and Vegetable Lasagne.

Chef Gideon also features sweet treats such as Hot Cross Buns, Hertzogies, Malava Pudding, Koe Sisters, Koeksister, Milktart & Vetkoek Sweet.

Kids menu items include: Chicken Fingers, Meatballs with Pasta and Macaroni & Cheese. All dishes are done in a South African style.


Questions about Padkos2Go? Contact Chef Gideon or give us a call at Spice Kitchen Incubator at (385) 229-4484.