Chef Karine

Cuisine: Armenian, Georgian, Russian

Karine moved to Utah in 2011 and has dreamed of owning her own business since. She is originally from Armenia and also lived in Russia. Her business Spudnik was inspired by kiosks in Moscow that would sell hot potatoes to commuters near metro stations.

Karine hopes to share her culinary traditions through baked potatoes and unique toppings. Her potatoes combine familiar American toppings with an Eastern European flair. Some of her most popular items include Armenian lavash wraps, smoked salmon with cream cheese and fried eggplant with fresh dill.

You can find Spudnik at the Downtown Salt Lake City Farmers Market - Saturday Farmers Market, Gardner Village, Univ. of Utah. Farmer’s Market, Wasatch Front Farmers Market at Wheeler Farm - Sunday Farmers' Market, and Wasatch International Food Festival.

Karine has worked quickly to expand her business to markets and festivals, and hopes to grow her catering business. Her dream is to have her own food cart to share her potatoes and culture with the people of Salt Lake. 

Call us with questions: (385) 229-4703