Our Model


Spice Kitchen is a food business incubator focused on creating opportunities for refugees and disadvantaged individuals. We help our participants start full- or part-time food businesses by providing technical assistance and training, access to commercial kitchen space, and mentorship. Many of our participants have succeeded in starting local food businesses. 


Step 1:


Participants are recruited from the local community, attend an orientation session, and are assessed to determine if they have the entrepreneurial spirit, product viability, and community focus needed to run a successful food business. 

Step 2:


During incubation, participants receive technical assistance to establish the foundations of their business plan including product development, marketing, finances, and operations. Our supporters and mentors provide access to capital and resources to help them grow. 

Step 3:


We provide opportunities like Spice To Go and Catering to help our participants grow their businesses. Our entrepreneurs participate in local farmer's markets and festivals while preparing for independence. 

Step 4:


Once participants meet all established incubation benchmarks, they are eligible for graduation and move their business out of Spice Kitchen Incubator while still remaining part of the alumni community.