Assets of Refugees and SLC


Refugees and immigrants add to Salt Lake City’s food diversity, represent over 12 different countries and boosting the thriving economy by creating jobs for others.

Many refugees bring
to this country a rich heritage of business acumen and entrepreneurship.

– ISED Solutions, 2003

Ten years ago there was little ethnic cuisine in Salt Lake City. The cultural diaspora is changing around the world and in our own community. Many of today’s best ethnic restaurant owners are former refugees.

SLC refugee-owned food businesses add to the local economy and job market, however, they are less known to the average consumer. These include:

  • Shahrazad Market & Restaurant, Iraqi
  • African Market & Take-Out, North Africa
  • Café on Main, Bosnian

Salt Lake City was listed as one of seven “Up-and-Coming Food Cities,” along with Charleston,SC; Boulder, CO; Athens, Ga; Louisville, KY; Nashville, TN and Birmingham, AL in a new Zagat blog post.

Forbes described Utah as being the best place for business in the nation. This means we have the economy to support new entrepreneurs and their dreams.

Minorities comprise of a quarter of Salt Lake City’s population.

– 2010 Census

Salt Lake City is a thriving community of creative, artistic-minded people who support new and innovate ideas like ethnic cuisine.

Seventy-seven percent of Utahns believe that Utah’s increasing diversity is a good thing, according to Dan Jones & Associates.