Needs & Barriers

It’s high-risk investment to start a food business. In order to be successful in their food venture and move beyond cooking in their own kitchens to sharing their cuisine with Salt Lake City, many need assistance in learning about U.S. food industry standards and small business development to turn their food business dream into reality.


Average Cost to Start a Food Business

To start a food business, entrepreneurs have to:

  • Understand how to access capital to start a business
  • Know how to obtain a micro-loan or a small business loan to purchase supplies and grow a business
  • Understand how to navigate the government system and apply for permits for food businesses
  • Utilize the help of mentors to access industry-specific training and technical assistance
  • Comprehend contracts and business negotiations with limited English

Most failures of American startups will occur in the first two years of their existence.

– U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics