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Published articles featuring Spice Kitchen Incubator and our entrepreneur chefs

Sanpete Messenger (July 12, 2019) - [Utah Lt. Governor] Spencer Cox Spends birthday supporting refugee groups (Spice Kitchen catered)

KUED “This Is Utah” (June 27, 2019) - Spice Kitchen Incubator

Deseret News (June 17, 2019) - Celebrate Utah’s refugee community Friday and Saturday (Mentions Spice Kitchen)

SLUG Magazine (June 12, 2019) - Discover Food Festival @ Traeger Grills 06.07 (In support of Spice Kitchen)

KCPW 88.3FM “In the Hive” (June 6, 2019) - The curtailed picture of refugee resettlement in Utah and the U.S. (Featuring Kate Idzorek, Spice Program Mgr. and Saadiyah Hassan with Ashikat Kitchen)

The Salt Lake Tribune (June 5, 2019) - No more free bags, a cannabis vendor and other news as Salt Lake City’s Downtown Farmers Market opens Saturday (Mentions Spice Kitchen entrepreneurs)

Salt Lake City Weekly “The latest local foodie news” (June 5, 2019) - Discover Food Festival (Featuring Spice Kitchen)

Gastronomic Salt Lake City (May 30, 2019) - Summery patio pairings, Italian wine dinners and more (Featuring Discover Food Festival)

Fox13 Salt Lake City (May 28, 2019) - How to put together a Brownies Snicker’s Bar (In support of Spice Kitchen) (May 22, 2019) - Creminelli Fine Meats, Harmons Grocery & Traeger Grills to host Discover Food Festival to benefit International Rescue Committee’s Spice Kitchen

Daily Herald (May 11, 2019) - Sego Awards founders say event seeks to recognize women (Featuring Natalie El-Deiry, Spice Kitchen)

The Salt Lake Tribune (May 9, 2019) - A new specialty bulk store wants Utahns to recycle, reuse and refill (Hello! Bulk Markets started at Spice Kitchen)

Devour Utah (April 30, 2019) - The World in a Box: The answer to your Thursday dinner dilemma

KRCL RadioActive (April 9, 2019) - Happy Birthday to Spice Kitchen & Spice To Go + Kafé Mamai (Starts @ 43:22)

The Daily Utah Chronicle (April 2, 2019) - How the Spice Kitchen Gives Refugees New Opportunities

International Rescue Committee (March 20, 2019) - Aspiring entrepreneurs attend annual Food Entrepreneur Round Table

Salt Lake City Weekly (Jan. 2, 2019) - Food Year Resolutions: A few ideas for people who want to live deliciously in 2019. (Mentions Spice Kitchen)

Park City TV on YouTube (Jan. 2, 2019) - We Visit the Spice Kitchen



Salt Lake Tribune (Dec. 24, 2018) - This new Salt Lake City bakery satisfies that late-night craving for brownies — and our desire to do good (Mentions Spice Kitchen)

Salt Lake City Weekly's “Best of Utah 2018” (Nov. 14, 2018) - Best Gastronomic Gamble: Spice To Go at Spice Kitchen Incubator

Salt Lake City Weekly (Sept. 19, 2018) - Naan of the House: Sandy's Bhutan House invites diners to explore Southern Asia

Utah Pulse (Sept. 5, 2018) - Eat Local Week highlights local food, agriculture & harvest season (Mentions Spice Kitchen)

Catalyst Magazine (Aug. 31, 2018) - Food & Health: Spice Kitchen Incubator 

City Journals, South Salt Lake (Aug. 30, 2018) - Spice Kitchen Incubator helps refugees start culinary businesses 

The Let's Go Eat Show (Aug. 20, 2018) - Spice Kitchen Incubator and Jenny Wilson (Podcast) 

Salt Lake Tribune (July 25, 2018) - Holly Richardson: There are many ways to help refugees in our own community (Mentions Spice Kitchen)

International Rescue Committee (July 20, 2018) - Spice Kitchen at your local (farmers) market 

Gastronomic Salt Lake City (Jul 1, 2018) - It’s A Wrap – June 2018 (Featuring Spice Kitchen) 

Utah Business (June 11, 2018) - Bringing Salt Lake City’s First Food Alley to Life

NonProfit Quarterly (June 11, 2018) - Nonprofits and Governments Pursue Food Incubators for Refugee Resettlement (Mentions Spice Kitchen) 

Next City (June 7, 2018) - Cooking Up Opportunity for Salt Lake City’s Refugee Population 

International Rescue Committee (May 17, 2018) - Chef Kaltum earns 2nd in statewide competition! 

Devour Utah: The Devour Dozen (Apr 27, 2018) - Spice Kitchen Hatchlings - Kamal & Geeta Niroula Owner/Chefs (Bhutan House) 

Utah Public Radio (Apr 18, 2018): Crossing Borders: A Salt Lake County Organization Helping Immigrants Begin New Businesses 

International Rescue Committee (Mar 30, 2018): Spice To Go celebrates first anniversary! 

Salt Lake Tribune (Mar 23, 2018): Three women honored for their community service in Salt Lake City (IRC-SLC's Natalie El-Deiry) 

Deseret News (Mar 23, 2018): Women's awards unveiled in honor of Salt Lake City's first female mayor (IRC-SLC's Natalie El-Deiry) 

International Rescue Committee Announcement (Feb 20, 2018): Spice Kitchen hosts Entrepreneur Round Table 

Utah Business (Feb 1, 2018): Local Business Owners Create Salt Lake’s First ‘Food Alley’ 

KUTV2News (Feb 1, 2018): Salt Lake City to get first 'Food Alley' in 2019 

Deseret News (Jan 28, 2018): Sundance refugee films shine light on life after resettlement 

The Utah Review (Jan 26, 2018): Sundance 2018: "This Is Home: A Refugee Story" warm, personable account of Syrian families making new attachments in America 

KSL 5 (Jan 14, 2018): Utah family opens restaurant after 20 years in a refugee camp 

Good4Utah (Jan 10, 2018): Spice Kitchen Incubator receive donations Thursday (Whole Foods 5% Day) 

BBC World Service - Business Daily (Jan 4, 2018): The Secret of Utah's Success (Spice's Karine Mnatsakanian's Spudnik starts @ 10:26)




Devour Utah (Dec 30, 2016): New Americans, New Flavors

Salt Lake City Weekly (Dec 26, 2016): Alamexo Holidays: PC Distillery to Launch, Spice Kitchen Success  

International Rescue Committee - SLC (Nov 14, 2016): Giving Thanks: A Letter from our Executive Director 

Salt Lake Tribune (Nov 3, 2016): New Thai restaurant in Salt Lake City sets milestone for family and Spice Kitchen Incubator program

International Rescue Committee (Oct 19, 2016): Introducing Laan Na Thai! 

Good4Utah (Oct 18, 2016): Spice Kitchen Incubator Celebrates First Restaurant Opening

Heroes Among Us (Oct, 2016): Nour Eddin Abdul Bari

Extra Crispy (Jul 29, 2016): The Many Marvels of Full Syrian Breakfast

Upworthy (Jul 21, 2016): From Sierra Leone to Salt Lake City, this refugee is cooking up the American dream.

City Weekly (May 18, 2016): Utah Guilt Free Desserts, Savoring SLC, and Spice Kitchen Incubator

Salt Lake City Weekly (Mar 30, 2016): Eating Well - Dining Guide 2016: Meals with a mission 

The New Food Economy (Mar 17, 2016): No two incubators think alike: From social impact to zero waste, these eight models shape programs around priorities 

Thomas Reuters Foundation (Mar 11, 2016): In United States, refugees cook to win over hearts, minds and stomachs

KSL 5 (Feb 26, 2016): Spice Kitchen program gives immigrants taste of success with food businesses

Salt Lake Tribune (Jan 26, 2016): Utah refugee kitchen help Syrian chef shine light on his native cuisine

West View Media (Jan 23, 2016): Spice Kitchen adds flavor to SLC food scene

KUTV2News (2016): Local organization makes refugees' dreams happen 

Good4Utah (2016): Spice Kitchen Cooks Up Culinary Entrepreneurs




Utah Public Radio - Utah State Univ. (Nov 14, 2014): Refugees Become Entrepreneurs At New Spice Kitchen 

Salt Lake Tribune (Nov 12, 2014): Learning how to turn exotic dishes into U.S. jobs and profits

Deseret News (Nov 12, 2014): Spice Kitchen Incubator helps diverse food industry entrepreneurs realize their dreams

Fox 13 (Nov 12, 2014): Spice Kitchen helps refugees in Utah become small business owners

Salt Lake Magazine (Nov 19, 2014): Adding Spice to Our Community

CNN Money (Jun 26, 2014): Refugees cook for the masses

The SLC Foodie (Mar 14, 2014): Spice- Salt Lake’s First Incubator Kitchen 

Salt Lake Magazine (Feb 18, 2014): Spice Kitchen Incubator: Refugees to Entrepreneurs