Our Program

Spice Kitchen Incubator uses the following elements to structure their program: access to commercial kitchen space, workshops, access to markets and market positioning, industry-specific technical assistance and mentorship. The use of these elements allow entrepreneurs participating in the program to grow their businesses and gain experience.

Access to Commercial Kitchen Space

Subsidized kitchen space will be provided to ensure access for participants and other community members.


Workshops will be offered to participants and the general public on various aspects of food business and cooking. These events will build community, raise the profiles of the entrepreneurs and raise funds for the program.

Access to Markets and Market Positioning

Participants will be connected to market opportunities, market partners, and Spice Kitchen Incubator co-branding for the mainstream customer base.

Industry-Specific Technical Assistance & Mentorship

Partnering with current micro-enterprise efforts for refugees and local restaurateurs and food industry professionals a network of dedicated professionals will provide free or subsidized technical assistance in marketing, operations and product development. Access to capital via micro- and small-business loans will also be provided.

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