Our Incubation Method & Services

SPICE - Supporting the Pursuit of Innovative Culinary Entrepreneurs.

SPICE Kitchen Incubator is a food business incubator focused on creating opportunities for refugees and disadvantaged individuals. The goal is to improve the chances of start-up and early-stage businesses of growing into healthy, viable companies. SPICE Kitchen Incubator ensures participants have affordable access to commercial kitchen space where they can learn commercial kitchen operations, proper food handling procedures, and the necessary steps to continue building their businesses. Our model is inspired by the work of La Cocina in San Francisco, CA.


<1 month

Application and Enrollment 

Participants are recruited from the local community, attend an orientation session, and are assessed to determine if they have the entrepreneurial spirit, product viability, and community focus needed to run a successful food business. 

6 months - 4 years


Participants whose pre-incubation phase was successful will move on to the incubation phase and continue to receive technical assistance while accessing affordable, commercial kitchen space to launch their businesses. They also will have access to capital and resources to grow sales and build their business. 

4-6 months


During this six month phase, participants receive technical assistance to establish the foundations of their business plan including product development, marketing, finances, and operations.



Once participants meet all established incubation benchmarks, they are eligible for graduation and move their business out of Spice Kitchen Incubator while still remaining part of the alumni community. Some participants may continue to utilize the cooperative renting commercial kitchen space and other resources.


Spice Kitchen Incubator Services


Access to Commercial Kitchen Space

Commissary kitchen space and storage is available. Members in incubation and alumni community pay a discounted rate.

Industry-Specific Technical Assistance

Professionals provide free or subsidized technical assistance in marketing, operations, product development and access to capital.


Our partners and staff provide workshops covering various aspects of owning a food business.

Access to Markets and Market Positioning

We connect entrepreneurs with market opportunities and co-branding through Spice Kitchen Incubator for the mainstream markets.