Spice Kitchen Rolls Out Boxed Lunch Deliveries

Spice Logo-Round

(April 2019) - After many months planning and piloting, we are officially ready to launch our boxed lunch delivery service to the public!

This service follows a very specific model and, after many tests, we believe it works. Rather than organizing a catering for the entire office, we think that individuals should have the opportunity to enjoy a global lunch more regularly, delivered right to their desks!

Our goal is simply to deliver delicious, individual boxed lunches to entire geographical areas (business parks, buildings, co-working spaces, offices, etc). If you're interested in trying this option with us, follow the following three steps:

Step 1: Contact us if you think your team, office, building, or block would like to enjoy an international lunch

Step 2: Work with our team to receive a menu and link to place your orders with our new online store and ordering platform, Shopify (courtesy of a grant from eBay)

Step 3: Fill up on a unique lunch and support a new American business!