Chef Spotlight: Chef Vini


(July 2019) - Cafe India, a home-style Indian food business, has scaled up to a food trailer and is excited to serve you her family recipes every single day!

Chef Spotlight-Chef Vini

Vini began her journey with Cohort 7 in 2017 and has been working with Spice Kitchen Incubator staff to grow her catering and farmer's market business Cafe India. Vini saw the growing Salt Lake mobile food scene as an opportunity to pursue her dream full time. She began fundraising with the community and found a connection with a food trailer builder, who she worked very closely with to create the perfect cooking and serving space.

Chef Spotlight-Chef Vini

Cafe India is currently operating on a daily basis at various locations. Her most frequented spots include Liberty Park Farmer's Market on Fridays and outside Arbat, a local ethnic specialty market at 3232 South and 400 East in Salt Lake City. Her schedule is posted weekly through a growing Instagram page, Cafe India SLC.