Sales Soar for M Cuisine and Bake Shop


(July 2019) - M Cuisine and Bake Shop began years ago with a personal and in-home chef business. Michaela joined Spice Kitchen Incubator in 2017 with a dream to make her desserts stand out among the growing artisan food scene in the Salt Lake Valley.

Most recently, you may have spotted colorful meringues or tasted fruity curd at the Salt Lake City Downtown Farmer's Market. If that is the case, then you're a lucky one! These treats sell out each Saturday.

Sales Soar for M Cuisine & Bake Shop

A few weeks ago, Michaela was a featured guest on 90.9 KRCL's RadioACTive (June 25, 2019) to discuss her intricate inside-out cakes. These hand designed cakes are made to order by flavor, color, design, and size! M Cuisine and Bake Shop is now exploring a model to "build your own cake," where customers can design and visualize a cake online before ordering. Michaela has also worked with individuals who create their own stencils for their dream cake!

To get in touch with Michaela, you can visit her website or talk with her at the Downtown Farmer's Market this week!