Zahara Kitchen Launches Unique Business Model


(July 2019) - Zahara Kitchen, a new Moroccan business, is the first to launch from Cohort 11! Chef Mohamed began his journey with Spice Kitchen in April with a vision and much business planning already in place. He continues to work weekly with Spice Kitchen Program Specialist, Casidhe, to refine his marketing and operations plan. Mohamed focuses on providing a one-of-a-kind experience for customers by creating an authentic Moroccan dining experience. Dishware made of colorful palates quickly fill with couscous, curries, sweets, and Moroccan mint tea.

Zahara Kitchen Launches.jpg

Zahara Kitchen is bringing Spice Kitchen Incubator it's first business with a focus on pop-up events! Community spaces like Red Moose Coffee Company have hosted Moroccan Couscous Night as well as Tagine Night, both with emphases on Mohamed's upbringing and culinary traditions in Southern Morocco. Guests are encouraged to enjoy each meal with their their hands in the traditional Moroccan way, helping to foster the fullest, most authentic experience.

If you are interested in participating in or hosting an event by Zahara Kitchen, continue following us on Facebook for upcoming dates or Contact Us!