Chefs Become Guests on 90.9 FM KRCL's RadioACTive


(Aug. 2019) - A number of Spice chefs have had the incredible opportunity to market their delicious food on KRCL's community radio show RadioACTive!

Host Lara Jones personally invited Spice Kitchen Incubator to participate in her show on a monthly basis after enjoying Spice To Go meals over the past few years! During our segments on RadioACTive, Spice Kitchen entrepreneurs discuss their unique culinary traditions from around the world. Past shows have included Kafé Mamai's food truck launch, chefs Naomi and John from Prin-Ya and KuyaDel's culinary training experiences, a cake tasting with M Cuisine and Bake Shop, and Cafe India's journey to food business ownership in Utah.

Chefs Become Guests on 90.9 FM KRCL

Tune in to KRCL's RadioACTive and learn about your new American neighbors on upcoming shows each month:

  • Tuesday, August 27th

  • Tuesday, October 29th

  • Friday, November 22nd

  • Tuesday, December 17th

You can stream live on the radio or online from a distance!