News from the IRC: Goats For Rent!


(Aug. 2019) - The East African Refugee Goat Project is a unique program of the IRC SLC in that it is managed primarily by three different East African Communities: the Somali Bajuni, Somali Bantu, and Burundi communities. This project's unique structure helps these refugee communities make connections between their home countries and their new home in Salt Lake City by raising 350 goats. The youth in these communities embrace their roots by joining 4H, and the adults provide affordable halal goat meat to the greater communities.


Now, the East African Refugee Goat Project is embarking on another path, one to get even more of the community involved: grazing and weed management.

If you have some stubborn land that you need some help cleaning up and managing, consider renting a goat! These Boer goats efficiently chomp down on weeds and woody foliage to help rid the land of pesky weeds and overgrown grasses.

You can learn more about the process here, and even rent your own goat!