Falafel Al-Jailawi

Falafel Al Jailawi.png

Chef Zuhair

Cuisine: Middle Eastern, Iraqi

Zuhair has formal culinary training in Iraq before he moved to Utah in 2014, making his connection with Spice Kitchen a natural step in starting his new career. Currently Zuhair and his wife Nidhal offer catering, but hope to expand into a food truck in the near future.

Falafel Al-Jailawi offers a broad array of traditional Iraq food, from fine dining to every day street food. Both their chicken and chickpea falafel continue to be popular dishes due to Zuhair’s unique blend of spices.

Zuhair and Nidhal pride themselves on their high quality ingrediants, flavor, and affordable prices. 

Call Spice to Order: (385) 229-4703