Laan Na Thai

Chefs Yupin and Wichai

Cuisine: Thai

Owning a restaurant like Laan Na Thai has been a dream of Yupin and Wichai’s for many years. Yupin has been around food all her life, beginning in Thailand where she helped her mother run a food stand. After immigrating to the United States in 2009, she was the chef for 6 years with Ekamai Thai in the same location. 

In January 2016 they joined Spice Kitchen Incubator. Then on October 14, 2017 they opened Laan Na Thai on 336 West and 300 South in Salt Lake City. They are the first Spice Kitchen entrepreneurs to open a restaurant.

In addition to dishes like Yellow Curry, Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles known and loved here in the States, Laan Na Thai incorporates a few more unique and authentic dishes inspired by the cuisine of northeastern Thailand where they are from: Pumpkin Curry, Kao Soi, and Hung Lay Pork, to name just a few!

Yupin and Wichai love Salt Lake City and excited to infuse new recipes to their menu while continuing to provide high quality food to downtown eaters. 

Call to Order: (801) 363-2717