Partnership with Kiitos Continues to Grow


(May 2019) - Last spring, Hayat's Grill began developing a frozen product to sell at Kiitos Brewery, a local brewery located in the Granary district of Salt Lake City. Cauliflower korma is currently available for patrons of Kiitos to purchase, and soon enough there will be baklava and samosas!

At this time, Spice Kitchen's New Business Scale-Up AmeriCorps VISTA, Carey, and Chef Hayat of Hayat's Grill are testing the new products, such as samosas and baklava, to ensure quality is maintained when reheating these items.

Partnership with Kiitos Continues to Grow.

The IRC in SLC and Spice Kitchen Incubator receives continuous support from Kiitos and this is one of the ways they are helping Hayat's Grill to grow! Hayat's food truck can regularly be found at their location and cauliflower korma is always available for purchase!