Spice Kitchen Incubator Honored as an Informed Decision Maker 2019


(July 2019) - The Spice Kitchen Incubator program and staff were recently honored as one of the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute’s Informed Decision Makers of 2019!


Kate Idzorek, Program Manager Spice Kitchen Incubator, accepts the Informed Decision Makers of 2019 award.


"The 2019 Informed Decision Makers work behind the scenes, with little fanfare, to make Utah a place where we all want to live," said Natalie Gochnour, director of the Gardner Institute. "It is our pleasure to recognize their extraordinary contributions to our state.”

Spice Kitchen Incubator

• The Spice Kitchen Incubator has added new flavor to Salt Lake City since its founding in 2013 by the International Rescue Committee through a partnership with Salt Lake County.

• Spice Kitchen brings together refugees and other disadvantaged community members interested in starting a full or part-time food business.

• Spice Kitchen ensures participants receive technical assistance and training, have affordable access to commercial kitchen space, and learn the steps to establishing a successful food business.

• Spice Kitchen Incubator has provided assistance to over 25 new food businesses, including 2 brick and mortar restaurants, 3 food trucks/trailers, and 17 catering businesses.

Recognized alongside Spice were Beth Ehrhardt of Senior Charity Care, Globus Relief, Giv Development, and Michelle Kaufusi, Provo City Mayor, each receiving an award for the work being done to improve the lives of Utahns. The Informed Decision Makers of the Year™ award recognizes “individuals and organizations who are helping the community prosper.”

We are honored to be recognized and thrilled to see how the remainder of 2019 will serve new Americans and local entrepreneurs.