Utah Grows as a Foodie Hot Spot


(July 2019) - This past month, the Utah Office of Tourism looked to add "foodie hot spot" to the long resume of reasons people visit our state. And we think this is is long overdue! The Salt Lake Tribune's Food and Beverage reporter Kathy Stephenson sat down to speak with many local chefs who are striving to make Utah a destination for those in search of unique, delicious food!

Utah Grows as a Foodie Hot Spot.

As Spice Kitchen Incubator continues to expand and offer assistance to an increasing number of new American community members with dreams of food business ownership, we are so excited to witness this growth! Each Spice Kitchen Incubator entrepreneur brings their own story and culinary traditions to the community and increased foodie traffic will only help to spread these stories of success, hardship, and global cuisines!

Utah Grows as a Foodie Hot Spot

We believe that food brings people together, that it can bridge communities and offer a safe space for learning and exploring other cultures.