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Chef Naomi

Prin-Ya is Japanese-style baked custards, vegan custards.

Chef Naomi, a New American from Japan, grew up enjoying the popular caramel custard puddings of her home, even experimenting with recipe testing at age 12. When she began making her own custard, she couldn’t go back to store-bought. When Naomi moved to the U.S., she searched for her favorite dessert but soon realized she would need to make it herself to ensure the taste and texture remained. She decided to open Prin-Ya, a business focused on a custard that reminds her of home. Prin-Ya Custard is now sold at Broadway Theatre, Hello Bulk Markets, Jade Market, Sugarhouse Coffee, and The Store in Holladay.

All vegan varieties of Prin-Ya Custard contain high quality agar powder from Japan. Agar (agar-agar) powder is a vegan thickener made from seaweed: rich with fiber, calcium and iron but no calories. Japanese people have been using agar to make traditional sweets for centuries.

Chef Naomi also uses organic tapioca flour as thickener. She also uses high quality matcha powder, cacao powder, organic soy milk and coconut milk in her custards. Prin-Ya baked custards are made with eggs from Clifford Family Farm in Provo, Utah, where chickens are roaming freely and eggs are laid at will.

Chef Naomi sources her ingredients locally. The concept of local businesses supporting each other is important to her. Her custards come in reusable glass jars. She strives toward less-waste and an ecologically friendly business model.

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